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Feb 11, 2010
London, ON
2004 z06
Visited Manny last week and felt up his woman.... Mrs. Vetta. She was soft to the touch... so much so that I decided to show my ride some similar TLC.

I knew this day would come and I made sure I was well prepared...

dawn dish soap - check
new box of microfiber towels - check
gold class car soap - check
clay bar - check
tech wax 2.0 - check
case of blue - check
random orbital - check

The object was simple... strip/clay/polish (if necessary)/wax.

I found out quickly that it is very hard to detail your car properly in your driveway when people see a corvette and a case of beer in your driveway. It attracts people and lowers efficiency. It turns out I didn't really start until 1pm.... I was feeling rather good at this point and decided its probably good that i'm starting with the wash.

By 2pm I managed to wash the car... a miracle I didn't scratch it.. at this point I felt like going for nap and calling it a day... but I was committed... the car was not leaving the driveway until it had new wax on it.

Clay bar sucked... I'd rather polish any day of the week... paint was in relatively good condition and not much came off... not sure if the super smooth feel after I was done was due to the clay bar or the detailer that comes with it... I made the mistake of allowing the detailer/lubricant to dry as I was claying the car... big mistake...

I finished claying the car around 4-5. Rewashed the car with car soap and rinsed it down while I rewarded myself with another two blues and then dried the car... I was ready for round three!

I decided it was too late in the day to start any real polishing.... plus my body isn't used to this sort of manual labour... applied a coat of tech wax 2.0 with the random orbital (some cheap simoniz model)... first time I've applied wax with a random orbital. I've done it for years by hand.... oh what a difference... it came out looking sweet with about 1/5 the effort and I used less product.... it was also much MUCH easier to take off as there was less on the car and it was more even..

I only wish I had taken pictures =/

Its amazing what a little time can do to a paint job.

At this point in the season I'll save any polishing for the fall before I store her away. From here on out it will be 1 or two waxes and thats it!
I know Manny swears by Zaino...

I haven't got into any of the specialty products yet... but I am very happy with Techwax...

Easy to apply.... not a lot of residue and it comes off rather easy... To be honest at first I thought the stuff was junk because I was used to seeing a nice white glaze over the paint that gave me a sense of accomplishment as I took it off.... the TW2.0 barely glazes. Maybe tomorrow I'll get some pics.
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