Thanks for looking at the site. I am in Fla, so I can check in 1 week.
The car I was looking at in PA got sold, a 03 50th Vert 6 speed with 4500 miles for $32,000.
You snooze you lose I guess
These guys are a top shelf dealer. My buddy has bought 2 "P Cars" from them and says they are excellent to deal with.:canada:
That 03' 50th Anniversary Burgundy ragtop looks pristine. I love the video advertisements for most of their vehicles....I just had to watch a few of the "P" videos.....
They are a FIRST CLASS dealership.
My car had after market mufflers on it , along with the stock ones.
They put the originals back on , doing a first class job and gave me the ones they took off.
Also the front filler plate, and the black frame around the plate was missing .
I mentioned it to them and they were on the phone to Wilson Niblett even though I said the parts were about $100.
They found them in the storage area of the car.
Also both key fobs are there and working, the spare had never been out of the bag.
This sure is alot better experience than LACK OF COURTESY AND INTEGRITY CHEV just up the street
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