Dec 20, 2009
2007 Z51
Had the day off today and was crusing around in the vette...picked up a few things at Canadian Tire ,Home Depot....Beautiful day today....dam its awesome driving in the beast!!!! :D :coolgleam:
I put the car back in the garage on the weekend due to it being so cold outside, now with rain coming on
Tue, Wed, Thu and Fri. I might just keep it parked for the rest of this week and rip apart the console to
add some other leather accent goodies I bought this winter and finish up any other cosmetic updates.
Its supposed to be warmer (18-22c) this weekend and next week so its cruise time again.
Weather was nice today finally out here in cowtown but i don't have the car back from the shop yet....i'm hoping it's done before the weekend so i can get a feel for the new found power and begin my audio project on it as well.
Got out this morning and played Royal Ontario, got home washed the car, by the way it was a nice drive to the course...:rofl: Overall a good day....
Sat went to my friends cottage near Ipperwash and did a bit of fishing... missed a raccoon on the 402 at 1am by about an inch.

Sun took a drive up to Goderich to check out the harbour and to check out a boat... nice seeing the salt freighters getting loaded though.
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