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Aug 21, 2013
My dash bezels are a mess. Tried to sand and paint but not satisfied with the results. Anyone have any suggestions? I have seen the trim kits on Ebay. Looks like they are stick on with 3M tape. Anyone done this? Any other recommendations? Also thinking about swapping out the breadbox for a flat panel while I am at it.
I one had the idea of making my own pieces out of stainless. Was going to wire cut them. Even saw cut the pieces to size. That project never took off since the aftermarket got saturated by trim kits. I've never installed one on my car but I think the alum or carbon one might look cool.
I have been looking at these kind of things also. I have seen pictures of the wood grain ones, including the breadbox replacement. Kind of looks good.....but not sure if these are stick on or not.
I don't care much for the stick on things, but I did see some replacement bezels made of carbon fiber. That might be a good way to go, but a bit on the pricey side.
Buy a new one.....you look at the dash every time you drive.
My opinion on dash trim kits, Wood is 70's, Brushed Aluminum is '80s, Carbon Fiber is 2k.
Black Plastic was prevalent in the '80s, so that is what I have. Go with what you want to look at. As far as the "breadbox" goes, I am never a passenger, so why would I care?
If new ones are still available, that's the route that I would take. As mentioned above, the fads date the cars, even if you don't know the year of the car itself. The main trim piece of the console in our '05 is a silver that you could replicate out of a spray can. I'm thinking of pulling it over the winter and have a shop paint it base/clear to match the paint on the outside of the car. Couldn't look any worse and would get rid of a few scratches at the same time.
Hi Folks

My '87 came to me with the stick on after market kit in what I would call a honey, golden colour and it is passable but certainly not a showpiece. It has stayed in place without any issue but as it ages, especially with the exposure of a ragtop, I can see it will have to be replaced.
Were it my decision from the get-go I'd have to say I'd look for another alternative.
Other options might include pre-pasted wallpaper, a little messy to apply but you have a world of options. Flock coverings not recommended for convertibles as I found out the hard way.
Wallpaper, nice. Why not go all the way and add flowered curtains for the back hatch like an old man canopy on a pickup.

Seriously I like when people color match the paint on the outside of the car. I also like racing stripes on the hood and top but to scared to do it on my vette.
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