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May 7, 2014
2014 C7
Thought this might be of interest on this forum. Some have had great experiences getting their C7's others not so much. This is from a U.S source but I think it works pretty much the same in Canada. Worth understanding the importance of these when your dealing with the sales and mgmt at a dealership.

When you're shopping for a car, the experience you have at a dealership can make all the difference. Edmunds.com Senior Editor Matt Jones worked for 12 years as a car salesman, Internet sales manager, and finance and insurance manager. He now highlights dealerships and car-selling best practices that make car shopping easy and enjoyable. Got an innovative dealership story to share? Contact him: matthewj (at) edmunds.com

In car dealerships, it's common to hear a salesperson ask
Thanks, that is very interesting.

I understand the 95% threshold and that is very common in a lot of service industries. My clients use the same levels for bonusing. And I feel it is a very good system.

That being said in our industry it is not graded on a scale of 0-10, it is either they did it or they did not and that may be out of 80 things, so I understand the logic of giving the 10's if the adequately performed the task, and only giving lower numbers in cases where the service was bad.
I would give them what they deserve. If that is a 6 or a 7 or an 8 then that is what they get. Just because the survey system is grossly flawed it should still "all come out in the wash" and management should be able to figure out an appropriate response to a salesperson who tends to get poor or good ratings. Most salespeople would likely receive an average of 7 - 9 and I have encountered a few I would have rated as 2- 5. The 2 - 5s were walked away from. There is always another store in the GTA.
"Begging" for a good score would knock them down at least 1 point in my mind.

Once again... if the survey system is flawed.... FIX the system!
In 2005, I walked away from two dealerships before settling a deal with the third. The first two were tag teaming me and not giving me the straight story. My father-in-law was a car salesman and I learned a lot of their tricks from him. I worked at GM as well for 41 years. The first two never got a chance to get a zero although that is exactly what they would have gotten from me. Rob Nicholas was working at Lauria Pontiac at the time and to me at least, it was the perfect experience. No pressure at all. Zero. It could be why he was a top salesman. Then in 2008 while going through restructuring, GM closed down the one dealership that should have been a model of how to run a dealership. It's a pity because I believe that GM is heading down the same road all over again with the same fools running it that were there in 2008, doing the same thing to end up with the same results. Toronto GM dealerships are suing GM right now. Check it out on the internet. Then again, what do I know.
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