A word of caution, the level of ZZDP has been decreasing over the last several years. If you are running a higher lift cam, pay attention.

The newer Oil specifications are only interested in fuel mileage and the potential for contaminating the catalytic convertors.

If you are running an older or modified engine, the current Oil's may not provide the protection You think.

Your Owners Manual specifies the Oil properties that that engine was designed for, Pay attention to that...
The lower levels of zinc makes it really tough on flat tappets and even more so when you start running high spring pressure on radical cams. A friend has a '69 Z/28 Camaro. The original cam eventually bit the dust. Within 10K miles he wiped out two more cams. The cure, a roller cam setup and no more problems. The car performed a lot better too.
I always ran EOS too, come to think of it, along with name brand regular oils and changed the oil a couple of times a summer. Never had a problem in the 37K miles that we had the L78 Chevelle. The valve springs in these weren't all that heavy so loads were relatively light.
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