Drove mine to work today :).......

Will have it out all weekend, the weather is going to be hot and sunny :)
Seen mine this morning in the garage on the way out to the shop :D

Kind of a strange feeling leaving the nest :rofl:
I drove my car to work yesterday and today! I love having it here when the wind it going the right direction. We have a trucking yard to the north that will leave an inch of dirt on the car if the wind comes from that direction. I made the mistake of bringing it one day when the wind was from the north, then it rained a little bit in the afternoon making my car look like a barn find. I'll never do that again!

However, today, hot and sunny! Wind from the south= Woo Hooo!
Would have loved to drive it, but when yer master clutch cylinder goes, you don't. Upside, it gets great gas mileage and long tire life when it sits waiting for parts. Downside, there is no downside, its just a glitch and a fixable one, and the car ain't dead. Its just another reason to say !@*? Spoken, I hope, like any
true vette owner
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