Mar 22, 2012
2002 Z06
I'm an aprentice mechanic and I been trying to get into a shop related to corvettes I've applied at davenport and western corvette as well as every GM dealer in Calgary exept south gate. And not even a call back from a single one of them. And people hear looking for/know of any corvette jobs?
All I can suggest is keep trying! You'll get there. There are quite a few Corvettes in Saskatchewan but no good shops that I feel safe taking my car to except for Russ K in Regina. He runs a smaller shop but it is a general shop, not just Corvettes. Maybe you could be be the western Canadian Manny!!!!
my son had a time booked at davenport for dyno tuning. apparently they only have 1 guy to do that. we live in mj and he trailer the car there. their tuner endedn up sick and they could not accomodate him for another week or 2. waste for time for my son as he had taken 2 days off work, as well as a 650k drive for nothing. so he found some-one else just as qualified if not better. i'm very dissapointed with davenport, don't think he will ever go back. you may be better off somewhere finding employment elsewhere
well, my son booked a month in advance for the dyno tune and apparently the only qualified guy to do it was sick. this makes me wonder about their service. but good luck in your search.
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