Jan 17, 2013
Nipawin, Sk
2013 Z06
I'm curious as to what Corvette Magazines our forum users may subscribe to or buy off the shelf. I have read issues of "Magazine Corvette" and "Vette" and wonder what others are reading. I try to scan the shelfs at the larger box book stores and always see plenty of Mustang or 5.0L books for the ford diehards...but only limited offerings for Corvette enthusiasts :(

I know some of you are thinking..."why the hell would you buy a magazine when you have this forum..." but Magazines are good for the road and I don't care for reading from a phone or tablet....

Cheers, Adam
It's cool Adam, no worries -- Glad to hear you like it. It has some decent informative articles and even has some good ads for those in the market for things.

Our last renewal came thru lately and Terry my brother renewed it for cheap. Pretty sure he said it was about $50 for 3 yrs.

I'm interested to see if there are any other mags our members like. I haven't seen any others I like yet.

The winter blahs are really hangin' on this year.......

Thanks for the link CCO, looks like some good reading.

You're very welcome, Range -- The mag is good IMHO, with great articles on consumer products for the 'vette like tires and such, along with terrific rides from all over, their mods and owners, and as Antony says, the photography is A-one....

I don't think you'd be disappointed.

If I were ordering now I'd phone them and ask for the special introductory offer and that they came highly recommended by your internet club. It just might save you a few $$$.

Just looked at the latest prices for 3 years. $70.00 for Canadian customers and 24 issues.
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