Corvette Magazine

Currently in Myrtle Beach and picked up the January edition at the book store. Seems like a good Mag.
In the past had a subscription to Corvette Enthusast and was dissapointed when they rolled in with other makes and now call themselves auto enthusiast.
Would prefer a mag for Corvettes only.
Their articles cover most of the generations.
A new one on me as well..but it looks like just what I am looking for.
Keep us informed on your subscription......

Will do Brian -- I phoned their offices for my subscription today -- paid the $28 USD for 8 issues starting mid Dec. with March's issue! (Sounds like they are about 3 months ahead on issues)

I got the leed from my brother who was given an ealier '11 issue and was quite impressed. So we decided on a one year trial.

I'll holler when we get the first issue and let you know what we think.

I picked up the last two issues at Chapters. I enjoyed them and I'll get a subscription, much better than paying the newstand price.

I've been reading the mag that was given to my brother and it's very cool.
We've gone ahead and ordered 1 year for $28 and feel it's well worth it.

Yeah, newsstand prices are astronomical these days.
I'm sure you'll be very happy with your subscription Wayne.

Had a subscription all last year. Quality, interetsing Corvette articles on new and vintage models. Ditto on what HLN A55 noted about the ads. Good reliable delivery, but a bit (2-3 weeks) behind the newstand availability.
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