A pair of L88 Corvettes arrived in the mail yesterday...#2.
I can't wait to renumber one of them and get some laps down.

These will compete against the other Corvettes in the slot-car stable, and maybe against a 'Cuda or Porsche.

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Graham, I have the #1 roadster in my set. They are cool cars and very fast as well. I need to put my set back together, a table is required my beasties chase them and well that is the end of the race. Teeth marks all over the cars.

Very nice.:thumbs:
They are working on systems where we can probably race our cars via Bluetooth across the country.!
It's another fun hobby.
These McLaren M8Ds are very fast, made by SLOT-IT.
The blue #12 was sponsored by Led Zeppelin back in 1972.

My 55' multi-turn track can be covered in <5 seconds.
Graham I got one of the big sets it is nearly 3.5 feet long. LOL.

The McLaren's are really nice looking racers. Slot it makes some really incredible models, fast too I hear.
Not really a traffic jam Eric, just a couple of "old" C7 drivers tying to ring out optimum fuel mileage.:Biggrin:

You notice there are no C5's as they have worked their way through traffic and are way out in front.:thumbs: Some guy in a black C5 Roadster driving like he owns the place!
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