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Sep 20, 2013
2014 Stingray
Here's a couple pictures of the Halltech Stinger CAI that I installed on my C7 yesterday now that it's broken in. Haven't started it up with the Stinger yet, as still need to get over to the Tire and grab some hose clamps for the re-routing of the coolant overflow. Pics are with point and shoot so sorry about quality.

This is stock unit GM stuffed in front of the LT1. Part of why I went with a CAI was to improve the look in the engine compartment. IMO, GM used a big ugly stick on the stock intake.


This is the Halltech unit sans small bridge that hooks to throttle body. The Halltech uses nomex sandwiched in the carbon fibre to combat heak soak, and a K&N filter. Halltech says tuning isn't required to run it.


You need to tie the top rad hose to the bottom rad hose to make clearance for the Halltech box, which is quite a bit bigger than the stock air box. A heat shield is provided to help avoid heat soak from the rad hose. You also re-route the coolant overflow from above the stock box, to this same area under the box. Although you could leave the coolant overflow hoses up above the box if you wanted to, I thought re-routing them would clean up the look once the Stinger was installed as the lines wouldn't be running on top of the intake anymore.


Here's the Stinger installed, again without hose clamps on re-routed coolant overflow.




Anyway, this makes a decent addition to my first, ahem, mod, the Betty Boop Canadian Tire floor mats, and hey, right now I think it's the only CAI you can actually get delivered to you for the C7. Others including LMR will be out soon though.
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You got me - I just re-pasted in the BB code for each picture from my album on this forum and I can see them in this thread when I'm logged in. I'll need to get moderator help.
Pictures working now - had to change from album on this site to a picture hosting site.

Next up are these American Racing Headers mid-lengths (with cats) that the UPS guy just brought to my house. Maybe too nice this weekend to be putting them in though - I want to drive!

Those look like shorties!

I'm sure they will require a tune, so it might optimize the CAI when you're at it. Are you putting a catback system on as well? Would love to hear what some of the C7 modded exhausts sound like.

Good for you for getting right on it and modding that bad boy!

Much Repsect!
Yep, shorties - the American Racing Headers mid-lengths. According to ARH's site they are designed to "dramatically reduce" the chances of a CEL without a tune. Vengence Racing in the U.S. sells the Halltech CAI and ARH mid-lengths as a package that doesn't need a tune (the VR500 package) - this is where I got the idea for this set up. I'll see how it goes.

I won't be going with a catback as my car has the performance exhaust.
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