Oct 13, 2011
Ancaster, ON
2004 convertible
Hello from Rockland (just east of Ottawa)
Visiting one of the grand kids at the hockey academy.
If we survive the upcoming deluge perhaps we could meet this Friday? Right now they are calling for sun. Perhaps even Brian can make it :)

Driving back home early tomorrow in the rain, but hopefully before Sandy arrives.
I'll be there if the weather forecast holds.
I love you guys but driving in crappy weather just won't cut it for me.

Count me in (with the GS) if we get the sun as promised.

Safe trip home Wayne.
Next Friday "variable cloudiness.sun high of 5", I'm still hoping for a "November to Remember" get together.
I think we'll just have to take it day by day. I'm still not willing to put the car away yet.

I'm keeping mine on the road too Wayne ... Friday isn't out of the question so let's see what develops toward the end of the week.
I'm still hopeful of an acceptable day.

According to CTV weather this evening.........rain on thurs and friday, starting

to clear on sat. sun/cloud on sunday and monday. [ 2,3 nov].

So.....maybe monday if the forecast holds ???

soggy welland
Yeah I saw a few flakes today too Wayne -- didn't deter a short trip to Mom's for a much needed visit tho.
No sun yet today -- hoping tomorrow has some. The forecast is still favourable but bring some warm clothes.

See you guys tomorrow around 11:15.

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