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Good Day All! What a long winter! I hope everyone is ready for a great 2018 as we have some exciting events coming up!
I will try to keep this section updated this year so you will be up on the latest news.

News to also be posted on the club website:

Now, for the events, you are not obligated to attend any, but it would be great if you could come out to support the club:

May 12th - 6th Annual Ponoka Meet - Meet up with 20-30 great people from this forum! PM me for details if you would like to go.

May 13th - SCC Annual Mother’s Day Shell Lake Run (Alternate weather date - 20th)
Lunch is provided by one of our very generous members.

June 3rd - Coachmen Pike Lake Fun Run. Meet in the west end of Saskatoon and drive out together. Departure time 8:30 with the location to be determined. PM me if the location isn't shown...

July 8th - SCC Annual Club BBQ @ Norm’s (Alternate weather date 29th)

July 13th -15th - Our very own CCF Meet in the Middle – Run to Winnipeg. See Meet in the Middle 2018 or posted threads here for more on this fantastic event.

July 28th - Watrous 27th Annual Fun Run

July 29th - Radisson 22nd Annual Show n Shine and on the same day Bruno 13th Annual Show n Shine

August 17th-19th - Rock 102 Show & Shine Weekend - I'll provide a map closer to the event. RSVP early as parking is limited during the show.

August 25th - 6th Annual Elim Church Show n Shine

September 1st-3rd - Labour Day Weekend - Quad C Meet in Regina

September TBA - Lunch Run - Surrounding Area Restaurant.

Thanks Everyone! Don't hesitate to ask questions let me know about suggestions.

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