Big shout out to Graham and his lovely wife Bev for hosting this gathering. My first time there and it was great to put faces to people on this forum and from lower mainland clubs. Nice day, nice folks, nice conversations....... and yes.... some great cars.

Thanks for making it out Paul. It was great to meet and chat with you and the nummy deserts. All the best for a speedy and correct repair to your Vette. See you again, same time next year!
All that is missing from this thread/get together/fest are group pictures. Didn't realize that there are that many Vettes in the Lower Mainland. Graham maybe you should have checked the license plates just to make sure they were all from Canada seeing as to how close to the border you are.
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Al @New C5er
The group pics with names are located on this thread..
CCF WEST-FEST 2018... Aug 3, 2018.

Gary @red90RDSTR
Thanx for signing up to the CCForum....
Maybe go into the introduction forum section and post a picture of your ride.
You also have a long history of Corvettes, maybe you could sum that up in a paragraph or two.
Take care pal

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