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Jan 11, 2009

Just a short notice, as of sometime this weekend CCF will switch fully to the HTTPS protocol (or to ensure you get a good night sleep I'll be more specific HTTP/2 over TLS with fallback to SPDY/TLS and another to plain old HTTP 1.1 if your browser doesn't support it). This will ensure completely secure communication between your client (browser/mobile browser) and our servers. This protects you from man-in-the-middle eavesdropping attacks and also affords us some benefit in speed thanks in large to the new protocols that are quickly becoming standardized and offer many transport efficiencies. This is the same level of network/protocol encryption and security used by your banks and other payment processors.

What does this mean for you? You may be logged out when the switch happens otherwise nothing changes.

Also the proper address will change from to https://www.canadiancorvetteforums. You don't need to change anything and all your bookmarks will be preserved and will automagically redirect correctly to the appropriate place.

For those of you browsing with more modern browsers you may see a little green icon in your address bar indicating that you are communicating over a secure connection.

Speaking of browsers CCF always recommends Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for the best browsing experience. Microsoft browsers have not made the cut for 10 years and even the newest Edge Browser (with Windows 10) while a lot better is still a pile of smelly pants.

Get proper browsers for your Desktop:
Firefox -
Chrome -

If you browse on your phone you can absolutely get Google Chrome mobile browser (from the app stores) which similarly will offer a superior browsing experience for most places not just CCF.
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Just more greek to me. So long as I can simply log on, check unread messages etc. all this is meaningless to me.
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.... I'm about as tech backward as they come and even I related right away with .... "HTTP/2 over TLS with fallback to SPDY/TLS and another to plain old HTTP 1.1"... ...:Ack2:......ok.... That was an attempt at some tech challenged humour and I'm really still an old Control/Alt/Delete fellow at heart, but from what I have seen, CCF is a topnotch site that is being maintained and regularly improved well beyond my capacity of understanding.... but well within my capability of appreciation, for Nik and the rest of the staff, and not to go without mention for the membership and their contribution as well..... just my thoughts....


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