Apr 30, 2012
2005 C6 1SB
I was sitting here by the picture window going through e-mails. Suddenly I see the neighbours cat come flying down across our front lawn about 100 mph. Then it suddenly stops, sits down and starts licking its fur. After about ten seconds of that, it walks away at 90 degrees to the direction it had been running. I guess the cat forgot why it was running. I sometimes think that cats have about the same brain capacity as a gold fish. I'm sure of it with some that we have had over the years. Our 12 year old gold fish is just as dumb. It jumped out of its aquarium and I found it on the floor. Had I not looked in before going to bed, the fish would have been a goner. I think cats are like me or vice versa. What people take as indifference is just me forgetting what had been just said and what I was just doing. :confused:
Yes cats are definitely different; I've had many cats over the years and found them mostly indifferent (except when it's treat time) --

Loveable, but very difficult to figure out -- (much like women).

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