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Feb 11, 2009
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Here's the first 2, go 4 more to do here. Its for a high end indoor parking garage detailing place downtown.

Its a duotone color scheme, blue and gold. very fun to paint, and they have some expensive cars there!
Sorry ,there won't be any vettes painted here, I did try though!


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SPECTACULAR!!! :coolgleam:
Very nice renderings with excellent perspective. Congratulations!
Please tell us more about how you do it. (just curious,not looking for trade secrets)
Do you project the image onto the wall first or simply block it in freehand?
Are the renderings done with an air-brush? Acrylic paint? Without disclosing proprietary information :nono:, please tell us all you can. Thanks.
hey thanks guys! Taking a break today, but tomorrow I start on the new Ferrari California! LOVE that car!

XSpan, I use a projector to project a line drawing of the car, then draw it on the wall with a colored pencil. Saves much time and you can quickly position it and get the customer's approval. Also saves from having to erase mistakes if you draw it on the wall.
I airbrush about 95 % of it with pure acrylic paint, on this one I'm using a waterbourne paint, I love this stuff!
Corrado, if I can every get out your way I'm thinking of having my hood insulation painted by you. I'm either going with Kiss Destroyer or Vampirella & Skulls. :D
WOW ,was just on the web site and all of it was incredible.I'd love to have one of those murals on my hoodliner.Hulk was my favorite,that is just outstanding craftmanship.
Great job Corrado.
Thanks again!
Bvette, no problemo, just let me know, I'd love to paint Vampirella or the Destroyer cover!!
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