I've dealt with them before.
I bought my Vette there late Nov 2012 and I found them easy to deal with.... and realistic about their offerings.

At the time I also saw this convertible that you're asking about here parked beside the Vette I ended up buying....and it looked awesome of course. I even tried to have them swap the rims out because I loved the smoked rims on your convertible VS the silver aluminum ones on my coupe.

Other than looking over the body and interior on the convertible, I can't tell you anything else...but it looked awesome. More importantly, I continue to recommend Collection of Fine Cars as a great car dealer.

Here's mine photographed there...


Good Luck Bud!

No I haven't been to look. Not really sure if it is what I want. I know DAVIDYR1 said he had a good experience at that dealership but I have read some very negative things about them on the internet (accident damaged cars, shady histories from the US and Quebec etc.) Having said that, I bet you could find negative things about most dealerships if you dig deep enough. I am a bit wary.
There was a bad practice of branded cars going to Quebec being registered there then coming back unbranded. I was warned by an OPP not to buy anything from Eastern Ontario or Quebec. The chances of getting burned just are not worth the risk. I'm sure it wouldn't be limited to just cars in Eastern Ontario. My car appraiser was also aware of this practice. Even a good BBB rating doesn't guarantee anything although one dealer I checked had an "F" rating. As with all things, buyer beware. Sad.
Send them lots of e-mail questions so that you have a record. Might need the evidence down the road.
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