Jul 27, 2013
So I have had the C3 BB appraised twice this year, once for the purpose of comparable pricing/retail value, and the second time for insurance purposes. I must say, the first appraisal for the retail appraisal was significantly more detailed than the insurance one and gave me an excellent ball park value for the car based on it's current condition, and one with changing back all parts to stock...the insurance one...pretty general.

My question is, how was everyone's appraisal process?

My appraiser was excellent. He knew his stuff, he looked for specific things, and I felt he did an excellent job overall. It also got me wondering if we had a list of "appraisers we like" somewhere on the forum, but I could not find one. SO...if you are in Southwestern Ontario, I used Paul Prince :)

Paul Prince Appraisals - Home
I didn't even see the guy. He just went to the shop where the car was on th hoist and I got a report......and a bill.
I've used the same appraiser for many years. When he appraised our old Chevelle in 1998, he was within $500 of what we had in the car. Good enough for me. Some appraisers will do magnificent flowered up appraisals and charge some stupid money for them and put a stupid appraised value on your car. The insurance companies don't eat this stuff up come pay out time. The insurance companies just want the basic stuff and don't have time to wade through page after page of details. A fancy appraisal is just a way to justify the high price. I talked to Tony Lant when he was insuring our old cars. He was more than happy with Pat's appraisals.

Are we allowed to give names of appraisers here?
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