"FLAMING NORA" yes I'll say it's fast.

I feel fairly 'comfortable' at 200 kph tho I don't make a habit of it -- but God! 431kph I really can't imagine and very much doubt I'd even attempt it.

It was good to see tho.......lol, those guys at Top Gear are all nut bars anyway.:rofl:

BTW, you can bet Shelby won't stand for any Bugatti nonsense -- They'll be giving it another 'go' to be sure, and knock off the Veyron once again.:D

Thanks for sharing Manny.
That's nothing. I can do that....um....when.....ahhhh....with....crap that's fast. I just like the claim that the tires last for 37 miles at 238 mph....AND they cost 20,000 pound for a set. Whew!
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