Very easy to do...Thanks for reminding me..will probably change mine this week :)...Its in the owners manual

There is an access door directly above the battery with 3 spring retainers.

Open the door and slide the filter out towards the front.

NOTE: There is a FLOW arrow on the filter, so it is installed the correct way

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just a question out of curiosity.. (is there any other kind really?)

do people with C6's notice a reduction in interior dust/dirt build up due to the filter being there? I mean... really, is there a measurable improvement in anything particular?
I find those cabin filters don't work so well when you cruise with the windows down.:rofl:

That, and every time you open your doors, stuff can blow in. It would just be nice to have a filter for those times you can see it's dusty or have to drive through a dusty area, then you can at least seal up the car.

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