Hate to be a party pooper, but I'd like to see GM sort out the glitches in the existing hi tech electronics, such as Active Handling/traction control problems, before adding more hi tech to the car. Take your car to a dealer and it appears that they throw parts at it until the problem goes away....perhaps, and at your expense if the car is not under warranty. Get on the American "Corvette Forum" to see what I mean. I felt far more comfortable with our 43 year old Chevelle than I do with our 28k mile C6. Other than lack of air conditioning and poor gas mileage, the Chevelle did everything I wanted it to do. Is there an LS powered Chevelle in my future? Could be. Then there would only be the one engine computer to worry about. I've always lived by the KISS system. :driving:
Yeah those days are long gone.....pity.

I hear you on the "hi-tech" ... heck they haven't come close to sorting out issues on previous versions and probably never will........There's no incentive if GM will just keep paying the claims....and owners who are out of warranty are just SOL.:rolleyes:

No wonder GM went b/rupt and with help came back from the dead.

What's so interesting about a vvt engine that incorporates pushrods?

I'm not sure I understand his enthusiasm n that one......

Its because pushrods are per say "old technology" combined with vvt which is "new technology". I dont think any other manufacturer is using pushrods in their V8's let alone VVT with them.
Cross leaf "buggy" springs and pushrod engines although "old tech" have performed admirably well. New tech isn't always good and old tech isn't always bad. Needless complication is just about always bad.
I like the new techy things -- I'm reasonably compatible with it and can get thru most things but the love affair fails miserably as soon as the tech goes wrong and nobody knows how to fix it.

Seems the experts know how to invent but know little about repairs and how to trace issues. That can be one PITA and very expensive.

That's why I mentioned extended warranty for these even more tech lased cars nowadays.

gone are the days that all we need is a few basic tools, a timing light/dwell meter, a new set of plugs, and a free afternoon.
In many ways I miss those days.:D

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