Oct 20, 2013
Fort McMurray, AB
2014 Z51
Finally the episode we've all been waiting for, Richard Hammond is going to be reviewing the C7 today!

They are also testing the Porsche Cayman GTS (likely comparison to the C7) and the LaFerrari so it should be a great episode!

I think they are going to be quite positive about this Corvette even though they usually hate American cars.
Probably one of the most entertaining and to the point shows I have ever seen. I especially liked how it was termed as like taking a lap dancer home to meet your mother when describing the attention the car might get in Europe. Also liked how they considered comparables and said it might be like getting a 911 V8, this being stopped by some stuttering and then the words....You can't.
Great review, any questions why GM has trouble keeping up with the order volume?
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