Wow -- those prices are very reasonable -- and very tempting.

Thanks for posting Greg.


My pleasure. Got your order in yet Colin? Don't want Tony to beat you to the punch do you? :D
Don't think we'll see an invoice south of $60K with the freight and PDI....many dealerships have done well with new release sports cars......getting 10K north of MSRP...we'll wait and see what the market bears.....
2LT coupe out the door price of $52,000 but I think I'll wait for money and the 2015 's

Price is New Hampshire where there are no taxes :D
I was looking back through the years at Corvette prices and noticed that from 1963 when the coupe was introduced until 1975 when the convertible was discontinued, the convertible was always cheaper than the coupe. Then in 1986 when they reintroduced the convertible it has always cost quite a bit more than the coupe. Just a bit of info to ponder. :confused:
man that's gonna hurt the '13's and down, similar thing happened in '04 when they lowered the prices, the '03's had to drop. If you want to buy a '12 or '13 this is not the time!
They may advertise them for sale at $52K but I bet they don't sell any for $52K. Dealers will jack the price just as they have in the past.
That price is incredible although we really need to see what the "out the door" prices will be.
In any case I won't be buying one, I am VERY content with what I have and no matter how hard I try I still think the rear view is FAR TOO BUSY.

However if you buy one I'll certainly drool all over it because apart from the way it looks when leaving, it is a fantastic car for the money.

love this colour combo, esp. the interior.

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