Oct 29, 2014
2015 z51 on order
Just want to say that this is a great forum and i learned a lot from everyone concerning: purchasing / general info / allocations and delivery.
Being from Montreal i just wanted to say hi to fellow montreal C7 owners and perhaps find out in what area they will be driving their cars in so when / if we see each other on the roads there will be a good chance that we'll know who we are
My name is Arnaldo and have a 2015 2LT Z51 torch red / black rims/ red calipers/transparent roof...live in DDO and work downtown.
Looking forward to seeing ourselves out on the road soon! And to those who are waiting for their C7... i wish i had words of comfort - but i don't...its gonna be tough...the wait for me was excruciating.
Hi montreal-c7, my name is Frank and I'll be driving around town with the

YATAFANG___(ul) license plate oops.:rofl:

When I get my Car :seeya:
I'm there! Let me know when and it will be a pleasure to meet fellow forum members.
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