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Apr 10, 2014
2014 Stingray Z51
Got my C7 3 weeks ago and took it in to "STRIPETECH" to have the boys do their magic!
The outcome is better than I imagined. Andrew, Taylor and Damon did a fantastic job!


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Thanks guys!

Took 7 agonizingly long months for the car to arrive so I had a lot of time to think what I wanted to do. Hardest part? Trying to stop changing my mind. Still can't say enough about the pros at Stripe-Tech. They're a buncha geniuses!
I also think it looks pretty rank...usually not a fan of the stripes....but the black rims with red callipers with the stripes just go together like peas in a pod.....have fun with the your new c7!
No I didn't get Stripe-Tech to do the 3M protection, but I wish I would have. It was done at the GM dealer as part of a package deal. Damon at Stripe-Tech, pointed out all the mistakes that GM made putting the 3M film on, and now I'm wishing I would have taken the car to Stripe-Tech for the 3M, paint, and leather protection. It makes sense that a speciality shop would do a better job than a dealer because that's all they do, and they do it well. Their reputation depends on their work, and therefore they try harder. The headlight covers are nearly bullet proof so no need for protection film. Clear-plex costs about $500.00 per windshield, and to get a chip fixed at a roadside kiosk is about $25.00 so I'll hold off on the windshield for now.
We recommend them. After seeing the incredible job they did on the Stingray, we're bringing the wife's 2013 Plum Crazy Dodge Challenger to them for decals, stripes and 3M protection.
I would recommend Xpel over 3M, I have my appointment June 17. If want my contact I did get a good deal. I ordered the bumper, mirrors, full hood and front fenders to door. My friend highly recommended the place, but if your here the weekend of the 21st, we can meet and I will show you the finished project. Perhaps LUVMYc7 is available so we can see his Sting Ray Decal in person.
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