You have to remove the door panel as the speaker grills are part of the panel. I am not up on the instructions though but can give you the general idea.

I believe there are only two nuts that need to be removed. They are located under the little oval filler panel behind the interior door handle. Once those are removed, on the bottom of the door there may be a gap where you can start pulling the panel away from the door. The panel is held on with plastic clips and you are more than likely to break some of them as I've always had a few break or deform when pulling off a door panel. I normally try to purchase some before hand. Work from the bottom around to the top both sides until it is free of all the plastic clips. The panel hangs on the window frame of the door so it will have to be lifted straight up to fully remove it. Two things, there will be a wiring harness to disconnect when the panel is loose and the window will have to be down to lift the panel up and off of where it hangs once you have the panel free of all the plastic clips. Don't do this in the rain as you won't be able to put the window up once you disconnect the wiring harness. :D With the panel out of the way, you should be able to see the screws holding the speaker in the door.

Hopefully someone can give a more definite answer.

I agree with Riley. You will break some clips and the GM replacement clips are crap! Go to your local Dodge dealer and get some of theirs. They don't break after being removed several times. Just my opinion.
thanks guys

I did find a link on the other corvette forum and I did break one.... 10 inch sub and tweet system was a pain in the arse but the new stereo is in - got replacement clips from corvette central - they were like 5 bucks for a set of male and 5 bucks for a set of female - thought it would be good to have some extras around
not really

Hi Riley,

no - the video and your advice went a long way, the hardest part is getting behind the panel without doing damage to start the process, once I could get a grip the panel wants to come off, going back on is very simple, hang it in position, pop it in and two bolts per side. Once I found my panel popper tool :) the second door was much quicker.. I didn't realize we had a middle speaker in the dash which didn't get changed but the stereo looks and works better than the factory at least

thanks to the video the centre console is simple to remove as well, ya just need to know what needs to come out in what order, once you know that, easy peasy


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