Jul 6, 2014
Nanaimo, BC
2005 Base
I have a 2005 Chevrolet Corvette with the 4spd and I'm looking to put a cam and headers on the car, I don't wanna dig too deep into the engine. What's the lumpiest cam and a good set of headers I can run with my straight pipes?

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Often times, people make the mistake of over camming an engine and ending up with a car having no street manners. Bigger isn't always better. Manny won't steer you wrong in this department.

100% correct , big cam don't mean big power ...just crappy dive-ability

Our stage 3 DMS Comp Cam at 230/232 - .608/.612 on a 114 will give the the lump and power in a cam with easy street manners.
would a transmission and rear diff upgrade be necessary with the power increase? it is an automatic correct?
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