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Jan 11, 2009
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I was at Canadian Tire as I needed a turn signal light bulb for my truck when I remembered how much the stock headlights suck on the C5. I recall Brent changing to GE's NightHawk (I think...please correct me Brent) bulbs and saying that they made a world of difference. So, to make myself feel better about missing my car, I picked up a set of Sylvania Silver Star Ultra 9006 and 9005 bulbs for my car.
I want to know what other people have done to increase the night vision of their cars and if they are happy with it. I can always return these bulbs and get something else if people say they are crap or there is a way better solution.
I would really, REALLY, love to get some Halo ACA's, but they will have to wait until later.
A group buy was just recently done for HID's many of us took part and one has completed the install and says it is incredible. PM me for info as I am not sure if I can post a link to his site or not.
for just a bulb replacement, silverstars are awesome, but burn out real quick, so keep your receipt, they're under warranty for a year from CTC.
I bought some of those Nighthawks a couple of years ago, and the night vision went from really crappy to just plain crappy. HIDs are probably the way to go, but I'm waiting it out for a deal on some kind of projectors that don't look awful - in the meantime at night I drive with my fogs on all the time.
You know its amazing how things are good for one guy and not good for the other,I put the Silver Stars in and they are truely phenominal , my Vette has the best night driving of any of my vehicles now!! The last time I went to Calgary with the car(I prefer the drive at night) I could almost see the mountains the second I left the lights of Saskatoon. At no time was I unable to see everything and I never felt like I was over driving the lights not even once!!

I have a few vehicles all new and with all different types of head lamps and the Vette is by far the best now, best $100.00 I ever spent.

As well Riley was right they were by far the Worst I had untill I changed the bulbs, at night on the high way you were just guessing and relying on luck.

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For a quick great lightbulb replacement for headlights are the " PIAA " Bright Whites. A little more expencive but awsome night driving lights. At times you end up getting high beamed cause they think your running them. Had them for 5 years and still excellent.
HID conversion kits are over 1k, you have to change the headlamp housing. Thats where the cost is mostly.
Hey guys I was part of the group buy that CDN Z06 MIKE mentioned.

I got the 6000 Low beams and fogs plus the resistors and wiring harnesses all for $265.00
I put the fogs in yesterday "WOW" what a difference!!!!
You only change the bulbs and plug in the wiring.
If anyone is looking to do this PM me for the details.:canada:
I went to CT the other day at lunch as it was so nice outside and got a whole set of the Sylvania
Silver Star Ultra 9006 and 9005 bulbs cost about $55 a pack of two.
Installed them at the back of the shop afterwards and what a difference they make!
Had the car out last night and they do a great job over the stock bulbs, nice and bright white light.
I just need to adjust my beams a bit as they seem to be missaligned now. Well worth the money.
Good to hear, as those are the same bulbs I picked up.
As I have zero knowledge on the matter, do HID lights burn out? What is the life expectancy of HID lights as that may be an option once my lights burn out.
I had the Euro T-84 Glasslight converted to HID. but now have the ACA's. I just upgraded to 6000k bulbs, and replaced my PIAA 1100 driving lights with factory fogs vonerted to 6000k HID.



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