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Mar 5, 2011
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The owner of First Place Trailers, who I have dealt with for a race trailer, has ordered a Cyber Grey 7 speed.
We chatted about a used C6 for about$35 to $40 k when I took my Yukon for rust proofing and I said that the new C7 is about $53,000.
He did the math and decided on a new C7
He drove one at Stingray Chev in Fla last week and said it was spectaular.
He sells trailers and has them custom built.
He did a drop axel trailer for a Z06 owner that is 2 inchs off the ground so the car goes in easy.
I mentioned he should join out cult and put the pics of the trailer on
He has never owned a vette before
I mentioned that the CDN Corvette forum has great people on it who enjoy helping new people out, not like some *******.s on the US forum
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I got a notification that he signed up! I almost feel bad that I thought it was someone who was going to spam the site as he put down that he has a 2014 C7 Z56! Stinking spammers ruined it for the legit guys! :rofl: Please apologize to him for me! I can't wait to see pictures of the new vette and trailer!
Thanks for the warm welcome! I would love to share a picture of my new C7 however I cannot even tell you when I will receive it. I would love to post some images of the trailer we did this summer but being a Newbie I do not know how to do that. Here is a link that has a few images of the trailer with a C6 in it.

Ontario Trailer Sales - Trailer sales in Ontario

Thanks for the warm welcome
Welcome to the forum Nathan and congrats on the C7. Look forward to the pics when you get it.

Well today I got bad news followed by good news. The dealer I ordered my C7 from could not get an allocation. So the mad scramble began...Dean Myers has allocations and I placed the order. I am told I will have my car in April or May. I have never dealt with Myers, so far the experience seems positive, any feedback good or bad would be appreciated.
nice trailers Nathan, really like picture 11 those permanent ramps and an outside door would make egress from the Corvette a snap, welcome to the forum .... :driving:
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