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Dec 27, 2009
1989 FX3 Z51 Coupe
Is there any way of finding build sheets for C4 Vette other than paying forty bucks plus to the NCM? I don't intend to drop my fuel tank to retrieve the original one, fer sure...

I dont know on a C4...but on a C3 you dont have to drop the tank...you can reach around the tank to retrieve it. If you know the build sheet was placed on top of the tank on the C4, then it would be worth-while to try to reach it.

And no, I would not suggest getting a copy from the NCM if you have the original sitting on your tank.....other than that, there is no other way to get a build sheet
Thanks Rowarrier. The sticker is on the tank but closer to the back of it so the only way to get at it is to remove the rear facia. FORGET THAT NOISE! I guess I'll buzz the museum.
On my 93

Take off license plate
Remove pass side back-up lite
Use flashlite to look to the right to top back corner of gas tank.
IF your buildsheet is visible remove both pass side tailites.
Anchor tank strap firmly with visegrips,or it will twist like a pretzel.
Go under car and carefully loosen tank strap with socket and ratchet until you can slip buildsheet out from under it:seeya:

Or look at the backside of the front crossmember under the power steering reservoir for a small hole (dime size).
If you can see a buildsheet it can be removed by twisting round and round with tweezers until it comes out. Patience Patience:eek:
You know, that is totally funny that I thought the build sheet thing was only on old cars. You make a good point. Are there build sheets on C5's as well?

C5 factory build sheet is located behind the front bumper inside the steel reinforcement that the air filter housing attaches to you need to remove the nose to get at it , or you can just order one online from the Corvette museum:

LINK National Corvette Museum

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