Feb 16, 2011
I have a broken floor panel on the driver side. Any suggestions on how to repair. I'm looking for some books or DVD's on fiberglass repair but I can't seem to find anything. I'm attaching a picture of my floor panel.


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Uhhhh wow. That isn't a repair I would attempt and I've seen my dad repair many fiberglass cars/boats. I'd look at boat repair places also. They would be good with fiberglass.
I have some to repair on my floor as was planning to rivit in some sheet aluminum bent to shape. Some RTV on it and then rivited into place should make a water tight repair.
I repaired mine using aluminum flashing to make the form for the new floor. The fiberglass will not stick to the aluminum flashing. What i did is cut out the old floor and then i rivited the form in place. you will have to flare out the remaining fibre glass floor to get the new fiber glass resin to stick together. I used 6oz matting and layed 8 layers on the form and let it harden for a week. Then I removed the form and painted it with some black paint.

Good luck
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