Jan 30, 2009
Erin, ON
2001 Coupe
June 26-28, 2009
St. Charles, Illinois

Join the rest of the Canadian contingent on our trip to St. Charles, Illinois just outside Chicago for Bloomington Gold. Here's the link to the official website:

Bloomington Gold - America's Original Corvette Show

A bunch of us went last year and had a blast. We got to sit in a ZR1 and fire it up and also hung out with Reggie Jackson at the auction. There are a lot of aftermarket vendors there, car dealers, private sale area, and a great auction.

The purpose of this post is to have one spot where participants and anyone interested can go to to connect with the group. I'll keep this post updated with the roll-call broken into groups based on where you are coming from. If there's enough interest from everyone we can arrange a GTG onsite or a night out for dinner and drinks. Sorry but you are on your own for hotels. If I have the info on where different groups are staying, I'll include it in the post so you can try and book in with us.

Post here or PM me with your name, the names of others in your group, and your hotel info, along with any interest in a GTG or night out. Also indicate if you are driving your Vette or DD down and whether you have seat(s) open for another passenger.


GTA Group (Name, Handle, Hotel, Vette or DD, # of seats open)
Peter, DIGITALZ, Fairfield Inn Bricher Rd St. Charles, Vette, 0
Daryl, PACEKR, Fairfield Inn Bricher Rd St. Charles, none
Mark, OBSHESON Mark, Fairfield Inn Bricher Rd St. Charles, Vette, 1
Jack, VETFEVER JACK, Fairfield Inn Bricher Rd St. Charles, Vette, 1
Steve, (CCO), Fairfield Inn Bricher Rd St. Charles, ?, ?
Dave, (CCO), Fairfield Inn Bricher Rd St. Charles, DD, ?
Tim (CCO), Fairfield Inn Bricher Rd St. Charles, Vette, 1
Randy, Fairfield Inn Bricher Rd St. Charles, DD, 0

** GTA group will drive down Thursday and drive back Sunday

Remember to check back to this post for updates.


Peter :canada:
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Tickets are available on the website now. You want the Gold Pass which gets you full weekend access. Get the Gold Pass Corvette Driver ticket to get parking on the grounds. I'll be providing details on where we are parking when we get closer. Less than 10 weeks to go!

If anyone is still on the fence for this trip, I wanted to let you know that I have 1 hotel reservation left that is not being used. If you are interested in joining us, let me know.
We're back! :D

I have lots of pictures. Any way we can boost the picture limit per post? Otherwise it will be a major PITA to post everything up.
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