I've seen enough youtube videos now that whenever I think about fooling around a bit, I think about how it would look if someone was video taping and my car ended up on the tube as one of "those" cars where the person looks pretty stupid. :D

I would say, take it to the track and I would but I wouldn't want to look like this guy either. :D

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y96qGn9_8E8 All you need to see is the first 10 or so seconds.
Even 400 hp can bite you in the blink of an eye, if you are not expecting it. Here is the test in five easy lessons. Drag race Wrecks - YouTube
Check the guard rails where the white car makes a right hand turn into the barrier. It's been hit many times before from the look of it.

the pink chevette won his event. that was from a wheelstand competition held at a strip in ohio......the object is to do what he did. falls into the more money than brains category.
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