LOL I was at the wrong end - manicure
ahhhh.... that clarifies things Richard. I was going to ask for pictures.... lol... Here's a girl doing the inside of her windows.

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For bug removal I use left over hand disinfectant to remove heavy bug spots , a good use for that stuff now👍 , then use a quick detailer to clean up rest of mess.
Only if you don't have a window coating. I apply Diamon-Fusion to my glass that lasts for years so I stay away from alcohol and ammonia cleaners. Nice thing about the coating though is everything comes off with just a water spray.
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Use REJEX on the front end and the windshield. Can pretty well just hose it down while using the wash brush and they'll come right off. Also makes rain bead on the windshield so you hardly have to use the wipers unless it is just a fine mist.
Bottle (473ml) is expensive but you use so little of it per application that it becomes inexpensive.
Was developed for marine and aviation applications
Here is my inventory of cleaners etc. No room for any more stuff it is already two deep. I'll stick with my Invisible Glass cleaner, see centre shelf.....thanx!

cleaners 2.jpg
My windshield was ceramic coated with the rest of the car and I give a coating of ceramic booster when the car is hibernation for the winter; ergo, no problem cleaning windshield or rest of the car.
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