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Apr 23, 2012
Get your minds out of the gutter folks.

I'm thinking of putting my Vette under the ramps for an oil-change. It's the last part of my winterization, but I want to do it myself. Is it just as simple as uncapping the oil pan (C6 base model), and changing the filter/replacing the oil when done?

If so, is their a recommended filter/oil (I use synthetic)? Does it require a filter-wrench, or is it all hand-tightening/loosening? Also, why am i reading that some LS2 engines have a 5.5 quart and others have 6.0 quart (6.2 or 8.2 litre?) need for oil? Does anyone know which it is regarding amount of oil I need? I just want to purchase the correct amount, and don't know if I have an oil cooler or not.........

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I just use Mobil 1 or Pennzoil synthentic oils with a GM oil filter. No different that doing the Olds or Jimmy. The 427 dry sump system is a little more involved. The filter isn't the easiest to get a grip on the way it is set into the side of the oil pan. I have the cup that fits over the end of the filter and us my 3/8" ratchet with a socket extension. My cup only seems to fit the GM filter and won't fit others. It makes the switch pretty simple. I usually drive a nail into the filter and drain it first. Not quite as messy that way but I am a dirt magnet and do manage to get covered no matter how I do things around a car. :(
If you use a K&N oil filter there is an one inch nut welded on the bottom for easy install and remove. And like suggested here before, put a plastic garbage bag over the filter when hand loosening. A lot less messy then.
Manny recommends the K&N's for a filter. Fill the filter with oil before you put it on, use some old on the filter o-ring before installing it. If you are wondering about 5.5 vs. 6.0 quarts (usually using the US quart which = 0.946 L), put in 5.5, check the level, if it's low, add another half.

Normally you'll need a wrench to loosen the filter and hand tighten to install. They should have instructions on the filter.
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