We made it back in one piece and only had rain for a few hours on our last day. 9 days of top down driving! Here's a couple of pics of the trip.

Heading west from Rocky one our first convertible trip, we were pumped.

Crossing Shelter Bay on the ferry. Holiday trailer was so close on passenger side Jo had to climb out my side! As a fellow passenger said "It's good you don't have a roof on that thing!"

Stayed at a B&B just outside of Gibson's Landing, yes the Molly's Reach hangout. We wanted to get a pic down on the dock but didn't work out. The bottom half of the house is 3 bedrooms with a large patio, orchard/garden and herbs for the picking and a hot tub around the corner for evening use with a glass of wine. Great car parking!

The B&B overlooked the bay.

The B&B owners Bette and Brad Sterling are past members of the Riverside Corvette Club. They have an orginal 1978 Indy 500 C3 Corvette! When we drove up the conversation started. I didn't get any pics of the vette because of the angle. Then Brad opened the garage........... This is his "daily driver"

Under the hood!

On the way back we hit rain from Revelstoke through to Lake Lousie and halfway up to Saskatchewan Crossing. Temp hit +4c, the rain was starting to get a little thick on the windshield! then the sun broke out and well jo made me stop........ Here's my two babies.

Was a great trip and can't wait to do it again!!
Wow what a beautiful trip -- congrats -- The DD of the BB was a pleasant surprise I bet -- Not many '70 Chevelles left out there.

Great pics Rocky -- thanks for sharing. It's been so wet around here lately I'm jealous of your long term sunny spell.....


You bet Graham, we want to go back and actually do the drive north ferry to Powell River then ferry to Comox and drive island to Victoria. Brad and Bette are very welcoming hosts and made us comfortable and at home. I want to pass on Brad and Bette's information so if anyone wants to check them out Bette says September is a wonderful time to travel.

Ocean Ridge Retreat
ORR phone: 604 886 1609
ORR fax: 604 886 1614
email: [email protected]

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Looks like a great time Rocky, Brenda and I leave Aug 15 for our first road tip down toa BB down kellowna way, not sure where Brenda made the plans and I'll just follow directions, looking forward to it, we can discuss more the weekend before during the tour...rob
Rob, take the drive from Nakusp to Vernon on Highway 6. You won't be sorry and there will be a smile on your face, lots of curves. Just be sure your first off the ferry!
Sounds like you had a great trip. Nice pics as well.

The c6 is certainly a crusing machine for road trips.
We do at least one 3-4000 mile trip each year, and enjoy each and every mile
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hey Rocky, is that a wind restrictor I saw in one picture? if so how is it? I just have the screen.
Great pics! Brings back memories of when I used to live/work at Chateau Lake Louise. Man, I miss the mountains.

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Bigneez yes it's a wind restrictor and we love it. Makes the cabin quieter for sure. I'm measuring and creating a plastic piece to clip on the underside between the seats as there's quite a draft there. It's only an issue when it's cool out.

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Area Z51, 3 to 4000 miles!!! Wow jealous! The one thing we found is the car is very comfortable. On the second last day we spent 9 hrs in the car and weren't sore!

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Area Z51, 3 to 4000 miles!!! Wow jealous! The one thing we found is the car is very comfortable. On the second last day we spent 9 hrs in the car and weren't sore!

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The C6 is really comfortable, even driving long hours, which I have often done. I'm trying to cut back to 7-8 hours a day, but it's hard to stop :D
We travel from New Brunswick, close to the US border, so most of our road trips have been in the USA to golf tournaments. We often make many stops to and from the golf tournament stops.
Here's a pic of some of our stop overs.
Thanks for the compliment on my Road Trip wall.
I do the plates on the computer, and get them laminated.

I'd love to drive out west with the vette, then do the PCH down to LA and beyond.
I've been to Vancover and Victoria, but we have flown in and rented a vehicle once we got there.
we did a 2 week trip from moose jaw to Vancouver island and then home through the usa, via Yellowstone and the beartooth pass. my wife learned to pack like a biker, we did laundry about every 4 days or so. fun trip and beautiful scenery. lots of vette touring Yellowstone.
Pack small! You bet. First time we haven't gone shopping!!!

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