Riley P

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Jan 11, 2009
2000 Z51
With help of where to look next in my pursuit of what was wrong, I removed the K harness from the car and plugged the CLB into the correct harness. IT WORKED! My hands were shaking as I was putting the car back together. Took my car for a drive and enjoyed every second, even with the rain.
My friends' 04 Z06 K harness relay recently failed! Just removed it, plugged the BCM harness back into the lock actuator, and the service column lock message cleared. The column lock plate had been previously removed as well. The column lock fuel shut off was disabled a couple of years ago when I tuned the car with Hp Tuners.

Glad you got your car sorted out.

Russ Kemp
Hey Russ, I don't know if you are going to be on here soon, but I want to bring my car to Regina on Friday and get the fuel shut off moved to a higher speed in case there is a glitch in the future, would you have time on Friday to do this?

And last but not least, Thank you very much for all your help with me getting this problem sorted out. If it wasn't for your hep, I would have set a match to my car a month ago.:banghead:
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