Jun 8, 2009
2002 C5
I just picked up my car from having been serviced by Manny DaSilva in Cambridge. I gotta say thanks again for putting some fun back into my car. Other than doing some much needed routine service maintenance changing fluids and filters, Manny diagnosed a hard start when hot problem I have been having since I purchased the car last July.

I had taken it to two 'professional' mechanics prior and paid them top dollar to basically tell me they didn't have any idea on how to work on the car competently. When I first met Manny recently at a show in Cambridge, I was impressed by his genuine interest in talking about some issues I was having with my car and was then fortunate to meet up again at Vettefest in Woodstock arranging shortly after to have the repairs done.

It is great to have my vette now running like a true Corvette and not a Chevette. Keep up the great work Manny as it was a pleasure doing business ... I'll be sure to contact again for future service.:D
Very glad your car is back up to how it should be. As we all want to know, what was causing the hard start condition?

Just want to first say that Terry is a great Corvette Enthusiast who has rescued a C4 from the brink. Myself and Rob were only happy to help in getting this C4 back to its former glory. Way to go Terry.

Ok for the problem . After first check on codes we found a that the EGR valve was sticking.It was during the replacement of the EGR that we noticed that the Coolent Fan temp Senor plug was out of the sensor in the drivers side head, and looked like it had been destroyed. The EGR replaced and a new pig tail wired in all was good except for the high idle, which was an easy fix. So in the end Terry's C4 now purrr's like it should.

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