Jan 27, 2009
Richmond, B.C.
So we took our C7 out to its first autocross yesterday.
(Co-incidently the last event of the season).
Fundamentally we run with various sports car clubs out here.
This particular club has a bunch of Miatas which are VERY prepared,
and many cars run with Hoosier A6 tires.
In the past, with our C6 (Z51, MN6, Coil-overs, Pfadt sway bars, wide wheels, Toyo R888 tires), we were about 10th to 15th overall against these other cars, in a field of about 80 drivers.
Considering everything, we were usually pleased with our performance.

Yesterday, in our C7 (Z51, MN7, Mag ride, stock Michelin PSS run-flats... no alignment done.... nothing done... right "out of the box"),
we again were in the top 10.

Holy crap, does this car handle well. I could throw it around like I used to do
when we were overall champs with our '65 back in the 80s.

Unbelievable.... GM has done a great job with this car.
You can't get the grin off my face.
Good to hear the results of your first autoX with your C7, and that there weren't any compromises. Can't wait to see what place you'll be in once you get more seat time. Not to mention tweaking your C7 with better tires, alignment, etc.

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