Feb 15, 2012
2001 Z06
Just used my Bday present from my girlfriend which was a 1/2 hour drive in an Aston Martin Vantage. What a blast! Despite the less than ideal weather it was still awesome. The sound from the exhaust is intoxicating. I want to change my exhaust now on my Vette. Lol! I recommend it to anyone. Well worth it.

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noticed you didn't sign your name in the post regarding a certain

'front end' [g].
Maybe we should stick to the Aston !!

Is the cost the same for each car, or is there a differential based on MSRP??

Tony, it's the same for all the cars. It wad a bit of a sore spot for my girlfriend because it was supposed to be a Lamborghini Gallardo. It, as well as the Ferrari were all booked up for the weekends that worked for me. She found the coupon for this on Wagjag, which was 1/2 price at $149 for a half hour. They also do a full day tour to TMP (Toronto Motorsports Park). With that tour you "trade" exotics with others that on the trip every half hour along the way (ie) you start off in the Lamborghini, then get into the Ferrari, then get into the Nissan GTR, etc). Once you arrive at TMP you tAke these cars around the road coarse. It looks pretty sick. It comes at a discounted price on Wagjag too. I believe it's around $650, which is 1/2 price. You should check out their website. It's pretty cool. I want to do it again.

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Great experience -- and a great b/day gift......Kudos to the g/friend.

In the '70's I lived very close to there on the south service road -- tho that exotic cars wasn't there then.

I'll bet that Vantage was a nice refined ride.

That's an awesome gift. How did the car handle and accelerate versus your 'vette?

I think you should change your exhaust man! We need more samples on the exhuast clip thread anyways!!!

Cheers--from an envious Vince.
It was a really nice comfortable ride. You could totally take it for a road trip down to the State's or wherever. The shifter had really short throws and took some getting used to. I'm used to the long shifts in my Vette. The suede A-pillars and headliner were a nice touch. Some of the plastics were nice and others were not as nice as you would imagine. I couldn't really hammer down on it since it was raining pretty hard during my drive. I would have to say that just from the seat of the pants experience that the acceleration was on par with my Z06. It had an amazing growl and even had a sweet "backfire" sound during one of my shifts on the highway. It was definitely more quiet inside as far as windnoise and squeaks and rattles are concerned. I've always loved these cars, and this drive solidifies my love, but there is no denying that "our" Vettes are the best bang for the buck. At a fraction of the cost(even with mods) I'll keep my Vette. I liked being able to compare(as best as I could) my 11 year old Z06 to something well out of my price point. Good times.:)

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I was doing some "research" and found out that the V8 Vantage from '05(which is in and around what I figure this one to be), runs 13.2 in the 1/4 mile. To put that into perspective, my '01 Camaro SS in stock form would run 13.4's all day long at Grand Bend Motorplex. That was with street tires. I've never taken my Z06 for a 1/4 mile rip, but from what I've read they run anywhere from mid to high 12's. It was still an impressive car to say the least, but just proves that our cars hold their own quite well against more expensive exotics.
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