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Feb 22, 2010
2008 ZO-6
Just got this e-mail....Start Planning your day's OFF!!!!

Good Day Drivers,

Apex Driving is pleased to announce our 2010 season. We will have 12 days at the big Mosport Grand Prix Track and two at the Mosport Driver Development Track. And the best part of our 2010 season is an actual price decrease: the $399 price will include all taxes for the GP track, and the lowered cost of $325 at the DDC will also include all taxes. This will save you even more after July when the HST takes a bigger bite out of your wallet - except at Apex, where we will pay the taxes for you.

At Apex your safety is our biggest concern, we will have a minimum of five marshals at every Mosport GP event. Our staff of pro instructors will help and guide you to your driving goals, and all safety rules will be strictly enforced. For advanced groups our more liberal passing rules will make sure that the maximum driving fun will come your way.

We will again provide our "Chef Gerry's Surprise" lunches and refreshments throughout the day.

These are our track dates for the big track: April 28TH , May 19th, May 26th, June 22nd, July 13th, July 28th, August 9th, August 18th, September 13th, September 29th, October 14th and finally October 26th.

For the Driver Development Track we have dates of June 9th, and October 3rd. We expect these to sell out so please book early. Both these days will have skidpad and driving exercises as well as lapping. They are an ideal day for people new to the track to get acquainted with car control concepts.

Gift certificates are now available for the 2010 season for you or your favourite driver. Give as a quick phone call and we can mail or email you a certificate, should you not have time to come and pick one up.

For those of you who can't get enough tracktime, we are offering a 2010 season pass. For $4,000 you can attend all of our events at the Grand Prix Mosport track. That's like getting two track days free. This is a season pass and days cannot be carried forward to 2011.

Please note our new email addresses and phone numbers.

Happy motoring to all!


Apex Driver Training / TIre Spa Wheel and Tire Storage
Gerry Bachmann - 905-713-4105 - [email protected]
Brad Meise - 416-786-7512 - [email protected]
John Mahler - 905-727-4395 - [email protected]
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