Oct 29, 2013
Brighton, ONTARIO
2014 2LT
I was at a dealer today and while I was there a salesman got a call from the USA. The guy was asking about buying a C7 up here. The dealer laughed and said he could not get him one.

I did the quick math and an American would save $8-10K on a 3LT.
Yes except they fall under the same restrictions as us and cannot buy brand new from a Canadian Dealer. Considering many are still charging a market premium, it wouldn't make sense for a dealer here to make that sale....if he even could.
I bet the person calling from US would have the means to complete the purchase.

Either the person is dual national or has a relative/friend in Canada who can help with the purchase. Also some people have companies in Canada so they can buy it under their companies name.

Its certainly possible but finding an in-stock C7 is the tricky part in Canada.
I am hoping an American buys my ZR1 this spring/summer

With the dollar dropping ( up a bit today ) I am planning to try sell my car back into the USA - the dollar exchange will help me almost break even after 3 years of owning the car.

Wholesalers I deal with do at times export trucks back into the USA...... they did that in 2002-03 when the dollar was at 1.55 to buy a USD

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