Feb 11, 2010
London, ON
2004 z06
Had the air conditioner on for the first time this year... and I noticed when I turned the car off I could hear something dripping onto the long tube headers near where it meets the cats.... at first I panicked... so I backed the car up and tasted the fluid... its water. Am I leaking some coolant or is this normal condensation from the air conditioner coils? Wouldn't the coolant be 50% water 50% coolant?

Is this just normal condensation from the coils on the air conditioner? Can the dripping water on the long tubes cause them to crack from water shock?
100% normal a/c condensation.Theres not enough to cause any cracking of your headers,going through a deep puddle gets more water on them than the a/c drip ever would.
:agree: If you notice, all A/C systems drip water on warmer days as they pull moisture out of the air when the air cools. Normal. Dripping on header, no experience there, just tell people it's the afterburner cooling down.
Yes on the hot days after having the air on and parking the car I too hear the noise of the water dripping on the headers.
Mine has done it for over 4 years with no header problems, the water vaporizes almost instantly due to the high heat levels.
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