Keith Tedford
Apr 30, 2012
2005 C6 1SB
IMG 4235
Friends Walt, John and I went for a little tour yesterday afternoon. Beautiful day for it. I hope our car looks this good fifty years from now. Not that any of us will be around to see.
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Very nice Keith. Great day yesterday for just going for a drive. That 55 is a really good looking car, what is the one beside it?? :rofl:

That's one of those new fangled gizmos, Murray -- full of them computer thangs...:D

That old iron has been babied over the years, Keith -- Walt must be very proud.

The '05 is lookin' pretty sharp too.

Enjoy the cruisin' weather while it lasts fellas.

You will notice that he took up two spaces. People around doughnut shops can be pretty careless with their doors. This is one of the nicest looking '55s around and the Cragar wheel and tire combination and sizing is perfect. You could eat of the underside of the car, it is that clean. As for the plastic thing beside the '55, well, what can I say. ;) I must add one thing. On the way home, a guy in a new Viper gave me the big wave. Elite company to be getting recognition from.
You know Keith that is interesting that the guy in the Viper waved. I always give them the thumbs up and they always acknowledge with a wave. They seem like a pretty friendly group of car enthusiasts. Your car looks really good with those wheels and tires, like the 55's combination I think you got it right.
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