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May 26th, 2019 was LAST UPDATE

2019 Rocky Mountain Cruise – Jasper
June 21st 6pm start to afternoon June 23, 2019

UPDATE on rooms as of June 13th, 2019

Friday night. No rooms available... You can check other hotels in Hinton

Friday June 21st in Hinton, AB. Host hotel Quality Inn & Suites,Hinton 780-865-5255 ( 24 hour cancellation allowed $209 rate / $227 all in ) and a group booking under Corvette Rocky Mountain Cruise . 782 Carmichael Ln, Hinton, AB T7V 0A6

Saturday night ONLY 1 room available / left as of June 13th ( just called, they are open now with someone now answering the phone ). ... no holds on Saturday night rooms.... best to book soon!!!

David Thompson Resort 403-721-2103 ( two week cancellation, $25.00 cancellation charge , $189 room rate plus taxes ) which is about 30 minutes east of Sask Crossing location on Abraham Lake with dinner in the Restaurant after check in.

So, please get to booking rooms ASAP.... Hinton has more options ..... Saturday night does not.

Tentative Schedule ( subject to change )

Friday 6pm Social / dinner / drinks at Mr Mikes Steakhouse in Hinton approx 1 block west from hotel - walking distance

Car wash locations to follow. I was gonna check them on the way back of my test run and didn't go back that way.... good as that small fire had Hwy 16 closed

Sat 9am - drivers meeting Safeway parking lot west Hinton approx 2 blocks west of hotel
9:30am leave and head west out of Hinton
10:15am first stop ( one surprise, maybe two )
11am - leave to lunch location

11:45am - arrive at lunch location - possible photo shoot and surprise ( lunch location and photo shoot idea's still in planning mode - location could change )
( there is credit or debit ) concession type ordering ... it is a big decent food concession area
12 noon - lunch
TBA - leave lunch location
Photo shoot near Jasper
2pm - gas up in Jasper and after lunch bathroom break ( as not much for fuel for Sat afternoon and Sunday am driving so best to top up ) Jasper Petro Can and Shell has 91 Octane ( no 94 octane sorry, checked the stations )
2:30pm approx Leave Jasper south on Hwy 93
3pm - route still to be confirmed - possible off 93 highway drive ( paved road ) ( another surprise possible )
TBA - bathroom break at Columbia Icefields Parkway
Turn east at Sask Crossing on Hwy 11
Approx 6-7pm area arrive at David Thompson Resort
Have dinner and relax
Possible Sat night bonfire
David Thompson Resort has a mini golf course if your interested

David Thompson Resort has a gas station, 87 regular unleaded at $1.41 as of the May long

Sunday am

9:45am Drivers meeting in DTR parking lot
10am leave for Abraham Lake pull out ( 13 km from DTR ) for some different types of photo shoots ( few surprises )
After Abraham Lake is still in the planning stage - I think less driving ( stay in that area ) and more time for surprises
You will be free too as you wish after lunch as the Calgary guys probably will go south fro Sask crossing. I have some idea's for the Edmonton people

Possibly 22-29 so far right now between CCF and on AB Corvettes Facebook . Guessing the odd might drop out - amount will fluctuate a bit til closer to the event.

List as of May 26th ( post if your not on this list and if you a yes or a maybe )

Now, many of the Alberta Corvettes Facebook page maybes will probably stay that way.

To date we have the following people booked and coming for the cruise ( numbers are the amount of people for a count )

@2009CGMZR1 1
@RockyPM 2
@Jeffer2013 2
@thomigun 2
@Rruuff Day 2 Brenda H
@turbozig 2
Gordon Ro.. 1-2?
Mike Ba... 2
@Jr. Corvette 1 ? Cody All....
rockitman Dennis and Bonnie 2
Gerald B
Myron G
@Dantanman Dan M 2
Darren James T
Cindy K 1
Alexander A M
Keith G
Tyson Gon....
Stephen Frost M
Sonet C L
Cindy and Randy P
Tyson H
Di A
Kevin Lor...
Wayne Buk...
Daryl Fra...
Joanne Laf....
Dane Wal...

Travelling in on Saturday

@Baby Ray 2
Cunnigham's 2
Labrecque's 2
Ammann's 2
Hunt's Dave H
@Dantanman 2
Marno Sek... 2
@BalckonBlackGS Doug Ver .... 2

General overview of the weekend
Our trip this year will start in Hinton, Alberta and travel towards Jasper. For travelers from the southern part of the province we have Friday hotel accommodations set up and supper social will be a Mr. Mikes Steakhouse starting at 6pm. Other restaurants are available as well.
Saturday morning our trip will include stops at Maligne Canyon and possibly Pyramid Lake( still in the works ). We will continue down the Icefields Parkway with stops along the way. Saturday evening will be spent at the David Thompson Resort. This is 35 minutes east of Saskatchewan Crossing along Highway 11. This is a beautiful location close to Abraham Lake and has many amenities so something for everyone.

Sunday is still in the works. Sunday I have surprise idea's ( you don't wanna miss ) for 2-4 hours starting around 10am. The plans will be announced at dinner Saturday night. Guessing the Calgary group might go back to Sask Crossing and south... that is still up in the air.

OH, you can branch off from the Cruise at anytime. Just let one of us know so we don't worry. If you want to do the Friday night and Saturday day/night part and do your own idea's Sunday .. sure. Hint, Emerald Lake is only 20 min west of Lake Louise.... it is an amazing place... so peaceful ... might be an idea for some for Sunday..... Most in this group last year said amazing even with the smoke.

When Booking your rooms please use:
Corvette Rocky Mountain Cruise
This will assure you get the rates below.

Things are almost together - just the Saturday lunch to finalize, Paul and myself are in talks right now with one place and I have a back up place too. UPDATE the second lunch plans/location may come into play

I have 80-90% of the route planned as I spent the last Sept long weekend getting ideas. Now, this year I won't be posting the route and details to try confuse people less ( other reasons too ) . I will decide just before how I will let everyone know.

This is Paul's event, he started it in 2013 I think it was but he asked me to take it over last year to help him and this year ( we have planned it together for the past 4-5 years actually ) cause he has so much going on with the National Caravan being the big boss

The 2019 Corvette Rocky Mountain Cruise will begin Friday June 21st in Hinton, AB. Host hotel Quality Inn & Suites,Hinton 780-865-5255 ( 24 hour cancellation allowed $209 rate / $227 all in ) and a group booking under Corvette Rocky Mountain Cruise . 782 Carmichael Ln, Hinton, AB T7V 0A6

Friday night/ when you book they do not charge your credit card... 24 hour cancellation... better to book now and decide later.

You can stay at any Hotel / motel you want in Hinton... some are cheaper.

Friday night social 1-2 blocks from host hotel has been confirmed starting at 6-7pm area ( children allowed - we do get 1-2 teens attending at times ).

Saturday June 22nd at 9:30am we will leave the west side of Hinton, AB and head west into the park gates. Saturday lunch is in the process of being confirmed ( we have 2 locations picked, working on one right now ). Saturday after lunch we will fuel up in Jasper ( top off as gas stations limited on our afternoon route - Petro Can in Jasper does have 94 octane fuel ) and then be heading south on Hwy 93 with a few drives and stops off the hwy - ending up arriving Saturday around 6-7pm at David Thompson Resort ( DTR ) Location AB-11, Cline River, AB near Abraham Lake David Thompson Resort

NOTE: after we are south of Jasper we lose cellular service till the Saturday night resort, the owner at DTR said it is spotty but people do get cell service closer to the lake ... so tell family and friends that Saturday afternoon you might not be contactable so they don't worry... plan to remind people at drivers meeting and add to the agenda to notify friends

David Thompson Resort rooms have bar fridges and coffee makers .. all rooms have 2 queen beds

Breakfast included Sunday am in room rate.

David Thompson Resort 403-721-2103 ( two week cancellation , $189 room rate plus taxes ) which is about 30 minutes east of Sask Crossing location on Abraham Lake with dinner in the Restaurant after check in.

IMPORTANT !!! Please book the Saturday night room ASAP... the owner said they get the odd tour bus booking that may stay overnight ( they have a picture with a large bus ) she said if they want rooms for that night they can't hold them for us anymore. David Thompson Resort 403-721-2103 The lady did say there was 15-20 rooms left as of two weeks ago - still act soon to book. They are closed now for the winter but a lady will return your voicemail within a day or two. The Aurum Lodge is near but not many rooms there.. think 5 rooms total

The actual route will be emailed to everyone going a few days before and also handed out Friday night / Saturday am as 80% is planned and some are pending to roads being open a week before event. Please book rooms ASAP for Saturday night, Friday nights rooms held till May 21st, 2019 / Saturday night rooms are open as of now, not held so book soon.

NOTE... You can leave early Sat am if you do not wish to overnight Friday night but Friday night rooms are needed for some from Red Deer and Calgary as too far of a drive Saturday am.


A few surprises in the works.... need to attend the event to find out about them... or be in them ;) hint LOL

You are responsible to make your own room bookings for the weekend - act soon please

UPDATE: Breakfast included both mornings at host hotels

Re-read this area as I will update it as I think of more things and updates happen.

This also has been posted on Alberta Corvettes Facebook Page.... between the two groups CCF and AB C FB we should see maybe 25-29 Corvettes... time will tell

Our rooms way cheaper then the Lake Louise, Banff or Jasper rates.... doing the best I can

Please post below if you think your going and not listed in the first post.



Here’s the current Details (To be added as plans finalized)
Friday, June 21, 2019 – For people travelling longer distances

Quality Inns & Suites, 782 Carmichael Lane, Hinton, AB T7V 0A6, Hinton. Phone: 780-865-5255...


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