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Mar 29, 2014
Hello Forum Mates,

I was at a GM Canada Training this morning where I got the opportunity to inquire about the MY2016 warranty changes.

It turns out that GM Canada issued a statement on this some time back and that in Canada the warranty remains unchanged!

Please see the news article here:

Read Auto News GM Canada won't follow USA in reducing warranty coverage | Autofile.ca

The powertrain warranty in Canada for all Chevrolet, GMC, Buick or Cadillac.
That is excellent news for those of us getting 2016 cars. However I don't know how long GM Canada can hold the line on this if the parent company wants to increase profitability at Canadian operations. It is a cost savings in the US so if they squeeze GM Canada hard enough it could be reduced in future years.
A better warranty might just help vehicle sales here in Canada. You know they are not doing it just because they are nice guys. I don't think our local GMC dealer could squeeze another new vehicle onto the lot. It's full and mostly full sized trucks and SUVs. How are 2015 vehicle sales stacking up compared to other years. I haven't seen any figures lately.

And that's what lead to the reincarnation of the "old" GM into the "new" GM ;-)
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