Jul 6, 2014
Nanaimo, BC
2005 Base
Hey everyone! I'm new to this forum and would like to find out if anyone on here has some advise they could give me on my vette. I've owned the car for 3 1/2 years now and love it but the one thing that's bugged me since I got the car was that its equipped with the 4spd auto. The car was a great deal and a big upgrade from my previous car but I do miss driving standard!!. My question is would anyone know how big of a job it is to swap in a 6spd standard into the car? is it worth my time? :driving:
Welcome Nick -- Manny would know the ins-and-outs of tranny swap feasibility.
Give him a shout at his toll free #: 1-866-992-3752

He's our local corvette guru and has a shop in Breslau (ON) and will be glad to advise.

Cheers and G/L

Hey Nick! Welcome to the forum!

I'm suspecting you will get a lot of replies stating that you should sell your current car and get a manual car. Just purchasing the parts alone will probably put you over what the price difference would be selling yours and buying another with a manual. Also, dealing with the wiring, brackets, and all the small parts could be a headache.

Now, with that said, if this car holds sentimental value and/or you want to take this on as a project and have a donor car lined up, I say do it! And post up some pics along the way so we can join in with your progress.
Switch To Stick Shift

I can see where you would like a stick shift. We too like our six speed. It's half the fun of driving the Corvette. In looking at our car, I can see where it would be a BIG, EXPENSIVE job. It's not simple like the old Chevelles were. Selling yours and buying a stick cars is probably the most cost effective move.
We'll it seems great as it sits right now but if I decided to supercharge it I wanted to know it's specs so I don't damage anything

Keep the 4spd , in the long run it will be better . A swap can be done but man you are looking at ton of work and a ton of parts and wiring harness & TCM +++++++

That 4 spd can be built to handle 800rw :D

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