Feb 12, 2012
Barrie ON
2019 GS
I have a new car corvette brochure for 1986 and 1991 model years if anybody would like them. I had names on them but the names have gone and the brochures are available if they match your car.
I looked at these but not my years.....besides I already have one.
You guys are right though; not too many C4 guys on here..we need more .LOL
I think they are going south of the border , found a couple guys that can use them.

Hold on there, I am in Barrie, I think we e-mailed last year, but could not connect.

I have a 91 and I'd like the 91 brochure, unless its gone.

If you still have it give me an email.
Hey Dave I think we did talk and the name tags were removed so I was not sure who wanted them and reposted. I think I only have the 91 left. I will put your name on it and connect with me in the next few months and it is yours.
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